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Project Delivery

We put expert input for the planning and strategy making of each and every Telecom Project to make it as effective as possible. We are trusted vendor partner for providing Project Delivery Services for highly reputed Telecom Operators and Vendors.
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Manpower Outsourcing & Staffing

We provide the best Manpower for Telecom industry. The manpower provided by us are well trained in their respective domain.
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Telecom Infrastructure & Equipment Support

We provide Laptop/Desktop on Monthly Rental Basis. We have a dedicated team of Test Engineers, Technicians, Drivers and fully equipped vehicles to support any drive testing, survey or other client requirements.
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Telecom Training

Best Telecom Training provider in India and going globally. We provide 100% Written Guaranteed Job to the students who enroll to our 3 months of Telecom training + Placement Program.
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One of ATSPL’s recent partner, headquartered in Africa, Quadrev Telecoms Learning Annex is Africa’s first premier modern Telecom training and learning company that has been working with the ATSPL’s Telecom programs.


With 12 years of experience the Telecommunication Industry, Apeksha Telecom Services Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading partners for providing Telecom Services in India and globally. Apeksha Telecom is also known to provide the best Telecom training to technical graduates and corporate professionals.

With 12 years of experience in Telecommunication Industry, Apeksha Telecom Services Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading partners in providing Telecom Services in India.

Found in 2005, our head office is located at Noida and other branches in Bangalore, Bihar and Bhopal. We have been serving many Telecom Operators and Vendors till date.

Expertise in the resulting business functions and a vast experience in the telecom sector add on to our strengths. As a result, we make the  best choices in terms of business, technology and organizational functions.

We have been a part of rolling out generations of telecommunication networks. Additionally, we are also involved in fulfilling wide range of man-power and infrastructure requirements at various levels in multiple organizations.

We have been providing a full spectrum of services and solutions for RF Telecommunication Industry, including:

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