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About Apeksha Telecom

APEKSHA TELECOM SERVICES PVT. LTD., with 12 years of experience in Telecommunication Industry, is one of the leading partners in providing Telecom Services in India.

Found in 2005, with our head office located at Bangalore and branches in Delhi, Bihar and Bhopal, we have been serving many Telecom Operators and Vendors.

The resulting business functions, industry expertise and experience in complex operations are a unique forte of ours that helps to drive the best choices we make in business, technology and organizational functions.

Apeksha Telecom Services Pvt.Ltd has been a part of rolling out generations of telecommunication networks. Along with that, we are also involved in fulfilling wide range of man-power and infrastructure requirements at various levels of the organizational positions and services.

Apeksha Telecom is always there to give quality services to our esteemed customers right at the very first time to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

We base our services on modern and leading vendors and our major driving forces include the quality and support we provide.

We have been providing a full spectrum of services and solutions for Telecommunication Industry, including

Apeksha Telecom is involved in various 4G-LTE3G-UMTS,2G-GSM and CDMA based telecom projects across India. ATSPL implements RF Survey/ Drive Testing, Network Planning & Optimization, Network design & RF Transmission, Network Performance Service and BTS Installation and Commissioning projects.

Apeksha Telecom strongly believes in imparting quality training to the candidates so that the graduates in engineering can fill the gap between the requirement of the industry & the knowledge the candidates have.

We also understand that technology is progressing at an incredibly fast rate so we only provide solutions that can be enhanced and upgraded as and when your business needs it. Along with professional training services, we are also the pioneer of organized recruitment services in India.

Apeksha Telecom also continues to expand our reach through our brand strategy and touching more customers through our strong partnerships.

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