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Manpower Outsourcing/Staffing

We are involved in skilled Manpower Outsourcing/ Staffing Services for Telecom industry.

The manpower provided by us is well trained in the telecom domain and has considerable knowledge and expertise in his area of work.

Several telecom companies use our services for the following reasons:
  • We do outsourcing of all types of skilled, semi-skilled manpower as per the requirements of the client relating to different fields in Telecom Sector.
  • We have large database of profiles of suitable candidates for different job roles in Telecom Sector.
  • We undertake hiring for all job positions including Sr. Engineer/ Engineer, Technician and Rigger

We provide tailor-made solutions depending on the clients’ needs, be it complete Project based requirement on Turnkey basis, short term requirement for Project Peak Periods, expected/unexpected load or towards the end of project or requirement of specialized manpower or simply the need for third party pay roll services for Telecom.

We make sure that we help in choosing the right staffing solution and identifying the best talent to meet your staffing expectations.

We outsource manpower in different categories
  1. Man-Month Basis (with Tools and Transport)
  2. Project Based Manpower only (Without Tools)
  3. Skilled Manpower (1 to 10 Year Experience)
  4. Exact Match Manpower for Company or Contract.
We outsource both, fresher & experienced manpower for Telecommunications consisting of
  • Sr.Engineer/Engineer
  • Technician
  • Rigger


ATSPL provide skilled, qualified & Experienced Engineer in Radio Frequency Engineering for Short & long Term Deputation or for full-time Employment.

Technicians & Rigger

ATSPL assists you in employing Skilled and Experienced Technician and Rigger in the area of Telecommunication.

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