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Apeksha Telecom Services Pvt Ltd. provides corporate training in the telecom domain. Whether it is a telecom operator or telecom vendor or sub-vendor organization, ATSPL provides technology as well as product based training to the beginners and also to those who already hold some experienced in telecom.

In technology side, ATSPL provides training for-

In product side or vendor specific training, we take care of product training for Nokia, Huawei, Samsung, ZTE and Ericsson.

The product training ranges from BTS, BSC, NODE-B, RNC and eNodeB.

We have web based virtual classroom training as well as classroom training.

We are equipped with all the tools which are required to deliver the technology as well as product specific training.

Our course offers you top quality training materials that are customizable, user-friendly, educational and informative. We provide you study materials in hard and soft copy, power point slides and reference notes. All our training programs are customizable for 2 days, 1 week, 2 week and 3 week according to the company’s requirement.

We have trainers with a minimum experience of 8 years (goes up to 20-25 years).

We use real world examples, case studies and stories that are relevant to the participants. We identify weaknesses and strengths of the participants by interacting with them during the sessions.

Financial part of the training can be customized according to the training need and the duration of the training.

Fee: 25k/ day (Overview)
Fee: 30k/ day (Advanced Training)
GSM Training
Price : Depends upon the Training Module and total Number of Days

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