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Institutional Training/ Training Inside College Campus

Job Oriented Telecom/ Networking Training Program Inside College Campus

Apeksha telecom services offers institutional training to pre-final and final year students of any branch who want to make their career in Telecom or Computer networking. It is a job oriented program and networking training program inside the college campus.

The course overview includes

It is a 380 hrs Training Programme in total, which will consist of conceptual training regarding 5G4G-LTE3G-UMTS, 2G-GSM and other software tools for practical training like XCal, GenXProbe etc. Out of the 380 hrs, 40 hrs of training will be provided within the concerned institute by senior engineers who are having experience in telecom industry from 8 up to 20-25 years. Rest of the training will be provided at Apeksha Campus to the students. After the completion of the training, the students are placed in well recognized telecom companies (which is 100% guaranteed). Every student will be monitored during the lectures and Q/A session will be done which helps them understand each concept thoroughly. Study material in the form of both, hard copy and soft copy are provided to the students for the depth knowledge in both telecom and computer networking field. The training not only helps in making the students’ career but also helps in the career growth.

The course is available in customizing range in a friendly classroom atmosphere ushering bright minds to lead in the industry.

Duration: 40 Hours (within the campus)
Fee: 27,000 per student (customizable)
CONDITION: Minimum number of students should be 20

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