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Internship Programme

Apeksha Telecom Services Pvt Ltd offers Internship Program in 4G-LTEUMTS-3G and 2G-GSM. These Internships are designed to allow students to link theory with practice, gain real world experience in Telecom and develop specialized skills that cannot be taught in the classroom. Students are supported throughout the program by our coordinator to ensure that the student’s internship is meaningful, memorable and rewarding.

During this program, Apeksha Telecom Services Pvt Ltd allows students to work on the LIVE INDUSTRIAL PROJECT through PRACTICAL TRAINING which is very helpful to the students for the future prospects and apply it when they get placed in Telecom Companies. With real time live project based training solutions, the students can learn the latest technologies like GSM, UMTS & LTE  i.e 2G, 3G and 4G and 5G.

Our Internship Program includes site visits, RF kits, RF survey equipment and software used in the telecommunication companies. Industry experts share their experience with students to cope up with the future technological requirements.

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Internship Duration : 1 Month

Fee: 15,000/


Applicant’s pursuing/completed Engineering degree/Diploma
Postgraduates: M.Tech

Internship Duration : + 1 Month

Fee: 20,000/

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