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5G Training Program

5G, the fifth generation of the wireless networks is the upcoming telecommunication technology which accounts for the next phase of wireless and mobile technology evolution. It will accelerate the Internet of Things with its speedy network and high Quality of Service, thus making it possible for the physical objects (along with human entities) to interact with each other simultaneously.

Over the globe, there are many institutes or training centers in the telecom sector who are still providing training in 2G, 3G and 4G. But we, at Apeksha Telecom Services, Delhi, make you go hand in hand with the present as well as the future technological advancements.

With 12 years of experience in the telecommunication industry, Apeksha Telecom is one of the leading partners in providing Telecom Services in India.

In partnership with the Huawei Network Academy, a leading global information and communication technology solution provider, we provide training in 5G that will help you meet your technological training needs successfully in a satisfactory manner.

The training will be provided by well experienced trainers in telecom sector, who deliver valuable content to the students, which is easy to comprehend and co-relate with the real world.

The course offers introductory to advanced brimming technical knowledge of 5G technology which is the future vision of telecommunication industry.

This is a 40 hour training programme, with a rich learning experience, designed for B. Tech/ B.E. students (any branch) who want to opt for a career in telecom or Computer network, and also for individuals who are already working as professionals in this field, and others who are planning on working with or evaluating 5G technology.

Duration: 40 hours

Fee: 30k

The course curriculum is defined below :

 Course Curriculum
  1. 5G Services and Performance Requirements

               1.1. NGMN service use cases for 5G

               1.2. ITU and 3GPP usage scenarios

               1.3. ITU performance goals for 5G

               1.4. Key 5G components

               1.5. Evolution to 5G

  1. 5G Network Architecture

              2.1. New Radio (NR) and Next Generation Core

              2.2. NFV and SDN

              2.3. IoT-centric enhancements

              2.4. Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)

              2.5. Network slicing

  1. 5G Air Interface

              3.1. Spectrum

              3.2. Implications of mmW spectrum

              3.3. Multiplexing and multiple access

              3.4. Massive MIMO

              3.5. Beam forming approaches

              3.6. Flexible Duplexing

              3.7. Flexible frame structure

  1. 5G Deployments

             4.1. Deployment scenarios

             4.2. HetNet

             4.3. Transport network considerations

             4.4. RF design considerations

             4.5. Industry status

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