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NFV (Network Function Virtualization) Training

NFV defines an approach to run Network Functions as software applications in a virtualized environment on general purpose hardware.

With NFV, the network functions are developed as stand-alone software applications called Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs). They are designed to run on a general purpose off-the-shelf hardware platform.

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NFV Training Contents

  1. NFV Overview
  2. Domain 2.0 Platform
  3. NFV in Action
Duration: 8 hrs

Fee: 15k

Benefits of NFV

  1. OPEX Saving
  2. Reduced Site Visits and Agility from Automation
  3. Energy
  4. Real Estate
  5. Deliver better User Experience
  6. CAPEX Saving
  7. Commoditized Hardware
  8. Resource Sharing
  9. Technology Integration
  10. Works in harmony with SDN and open stack
  11. Expanded Vendor Ecosystem
  12. Hardware Independence
  13. APIs
  14. Reduced time to Market
  15. Rapid Testing
  16. Automated and Rapid deployment
  17. Quicker Response to traffic Growth

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