LTE RAN Signaling And Operations For UMTS Operators

////LTE RAN Signaling And Operations For UMTS Operators
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LTE RAN Signaling And Operations For UMTS Operators


Long Term Evolution (LTE) is an all-IP wireless system that promises dramatic improvements in throughput and latency. The LTE enhancements are based on several fundamental pillars: a new air interface (OFDM+MIMO), simplified network architecture and efficient air interface structure and signaling mechanisms. This course takes a detailed look at various call scenarios of the LTE radio network using signaling messages and related parameters. It provides details of system access, initial attach, default/dedicated bearer setup, handovers and inter-RAT operations. At appropriate instances, the LTE operations are compared with similar operations of 1x/1xEV-DO or UMTS networks. This course utilizes several hands-on experience, a drive-test tool, and ultimately concludes with a certification assessment.

Duration: 40 hours

Fee: 20k

Course Overview

The contents included in this course are specified below:

LTE Network Architecture

  • E-UTRAN architecture
  • LTE-Uu, S1 and X2 interfaces
  • Protocols of LTE RAN

LTE Air Interface

  • LTE frame structure of DL and UL
  • LTE Channels Overview
  • Identifies of UE, eNB and EPC

System Acquisition

  • Cell-ID detection and synchronization
  • System Information Blocks (SIBs)
  • RF Configuration and Operations Parameters

Connecting to LTE RAN

  • Random Access Operation
  • UE and eNB timing alignment
  • RRC Connection Setup

Attach to the Network

  • Authentication
  • Selection of MME, S-GW,  and P-GW
  • Default bearer establishment
  • AS and NAS Security

Quality of Service in LTE

  • QoS Parameters
  • Dedicated EPS bearers and TFTs
  • Dedicated bearer setup
  • Data radio bearers in LTE

Traffic and Bandwidth Management

  • DL Traffic Processing
  • Feedback: CQI, PMI, RI
  • UL Traffic Processing
  • Buffer Status Reports
  • Scheduling
  • Time Alignment
  • Closed Loop Power Control
  • Discontinuous Reception

Mobility and Idle Mode

  • Types of Measurements
  • Cell Reselection and TAU Operation
  • Paging Operation
  • DRX Operation in Idle Mode


  • Measurement Configuration
  • Measurements Types
  • Handovers
  • X2-Based Handovers
  • S1-Based Handovers


  • Comparison of Measurements between LTE and 2G/3G
  • Inter-RAT Handover Preparation
  • Inter-RAT Handover Execution


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