Voice & IMS In LTE-EPC Networks

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Voice & IMS in LTE-EPC Networks


The LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) is an evolution of the 3GPP system architecture with the vision of an all-IP network finally realized.

EPC in conjunction with IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) delivers various services such as VoIP, SMS, Video call, Picture share, Instant Messaging and Presence.

EPC and IMS support mobility with the existing 2G/3G wireless networks as well as PSTN to facilitate smooth migration, interworking and service continuity across these networks.

This course provides a detailed look at the architecture of the LTE-EPC Networks, IMS and QoS framework to deliver end-to-end voice (Voice over LTE – VoLTE) in LTE networks.

It also covers various service scenario walk-through that utilize IMS and EPC networks components.

The IMS service architecture and the interaction with existing services are described.

Duration: 40 hours

Fee: 30k

 Course Overview:

LTE Network Architecture

  • AT&T’s LTE Network
  • LTE Interfaces

IMS Architecture

  • Voice in LTE
  • IMS Network Architecture
  • Universal Voice Platform (UVP)
  • User Identification

Protocols for VoIP and IMS

  • IMS Protocols
  • Diameter
  • 248, RTP, RTCP
  • SIP and SDP

IMS Registration

  • PDN Connectivity for IMS
  • Default Bearer Setup
  • IMS Registration and Authentication

QoS Framework in LTE-EPC

  • LTE QoS Model
  • PCC Architecture
  • PCC Interfaces
  • Traffic Flow and Classification

VoLTE Call Setup

  • VoLTE Overview
  • VoLTE Call Setup
  • PCC Interaction with LTE Networks
  • PSTN Interworking

Emergency Call Support

  • IMS and Emergency Calls
  • Emergency Call Network Architecture
  • Emergency Call Origination
  • Emergency Call Handover to 3G
  • Location in Emergency Calls

Voice Call Continuity

  • IMS Service Continuity
  • eSR-VCC
  • VoLTE-to-UMTS Handover
  • Voice on 3G

IMS Service Architecture Overview

  • IMS Service Architecture Overview
  • Supplementary Services in IMS
  • Supplementary Services Architecture
  • Supplementary Services Call Flow

SMS over IP Using IMS

  • SMS-IP Architecture
  • Registration and Native IMS-based IM
  • IM-to-IM Call Flow
  • SMS-over-IP to SMS: Transport-Level Interworking
  • IM to SMS-IP Service-Level Interworking

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