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At present, everyone wants a speedy network, so it is not so surprising why all the major telecom companies are constantly trying to make it even faster and better with each passing day.

In terms of figures, in the present scenario, there are almost 6.4 billion connected devices in the world. After the introduction of wearable technologies, implementation of Smart Homes etc., the estimated figure is about to take a huge hike to about 20.8 billion devices in 2020 as predicted by the experts.

This is where 5G comes into play. 5G, the fifth generation of wireless networks is the upcoming telecommunication standard which is still under deployment. Although some companies like Verizon have started 5G limited trials at some test locations, but still it is not expected to be seen anytime soon. According to experts, it will not be available for being widely used until 2020.

5G will be built on the foundation that was made for 4G LTE. As always, people will be able to send texts, make calls and browse internet, but the “DIFFERENCE” being that the downloading speed will now increase from 1 Gbps in LTE Advanced up to 10 Gbps in 5G for each and every and the latency is expected to decrease to about 1 ms or even less i.e., ultra-fast application response time will be supported with an improved coverage. So, one can imagine that with 5G in hand, a full HD movie can be downloaded in just a few seconds.

Further, it will provide the capacity for tens of thousands of devices to be connected at the same time i.e., more than 20 billion “Things” on IoT.

In 4G, 20 MHz band was occupied but 5G is more likely to acquire a frequency band up to 6 GHz, which is quite huge. The problematic part is that the high frequency signals do not travel as far as those with lower frequency, so for overcoming this issue, higher order MIMO will probably be employed for boosting up the signals.

Thus, 5G enables a vision of a fast moving smart world within a “not so long” time span. The various important concepts utilized in 5G are:

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