Event A3 Periodical Reporting

//Event A3 Periodical Reporting

Event A3 Periodical Reporting

Event A3 Periodical Reporting

Event A3 Periodical Reporting

Let us look closer at the measurement reporting done by the UE once the A3 entry is triggered. As soon as the UE detects an entry condition, it will start the time-to-trigger timer.

If the conditions change and the entry condition is no longer valid before the timer expires, it will not report anything to the eNB.

If the condition continues to be valid and the time-to-trigger timer expires, the UE will send a Measurement Report message to the eNB and start a reportIntervalA3 timer.

If conditions remain valid and the reportIntervalA3 timer expires before the eNB responds to the UE, the UE will send a new Measurement Report message. This will be repeated reportAmount number of times.

It is important to note that the exit condition from event A3 is a bit different than the entry condition. The following exit condition needs to be fulfilled before the UE will trigger an

Event A3: Mn + Ofn + Ocn + Hys < Ms + Ofs + Ocs + Off

  • Ms is the measurement result of the serving cell, not taking into account any offsets.

Ofs is the frequency-specific offset of the serving frequency.

  • Ocs is the cell-specific offset of the serving cell, and is set to zero if not configured for the serving cell.
  • Hys is the hysteresis parameter for this event.
  • Off is the offset parameter for this event.

Mn and Ms are expressed in dBm in case of RSRP, or in dB in case of RSRQ. Ofn, Ocn, Ofs, Ocs, Hys and Off are expressed in dB.

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