Intra-Freq Handover Stages

//Intra-Freq Handover Stages

Intra-Freq Handover Stages

Intra-Freq Handover Stages

Intra-Freq Handover Stages

In LTE, intra-frequency handover is defined as a series of stages as follows:

  • The first stage is where the eNB will configure the UE for measurements that the UE needs to do. In 3GPP technologies, the network typically controls the device by sending specific configuration requirements for measurements. In LTE, this information would include what quantity to measure (RSRP or RSRQ), when to measure, what events would trigger measurement reporting, and what to include in the reports sent to the eNB.
  • The second stage is where the UE starts doing the measurements. For example, the UE may be required to start a measurement only when the current cell signal falls below a certain strength. The UE will keep doing the measurements as long as the cell condition warrants it.
  • The third stage is when the UE detects an event trigger that requires the UE to report measurements to the eNB. Handovers are mobile-assisted handovers in LTE. The UE will send a measurement report message to the eNB with the information as configured by the eNB in Stage 1.
  • The fourth stage is where the eNB executes the handover algorithm and decides if handover needs to proceed or not. If handover is required, the eNB will work with the MME or neighboring eNB as dictated by the network and neighbor configuration to prepare resources for handover. The eNB will inform the UE about handover details in this stage.
  • The fifth stage is where the UE leaves the current cell and communicates with the new cell. Unlike CDMA systems, LTE uses only hard handovers. The UE has to break communications with the current cell, establish access and timing adjustments with the new cell, and then communicate handover completion to the new cell. The new cell eNB will then communicate with the old cell and convey that handover has been executed successfully.

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