Stage 1: Measurement Config

//Stage 1: Measurement Config

Stage 1: Measurement Config

Stage 1: Measurement Config

Stage 1: Measurement Config

Let us discuss some of the measurement configuration information sent by the eNB to the UE as part of the RRC Connection Reconfiguration message

Measurement ID: Whenever the eNB directs a UE to do a particular measurement, it defines it by giving it a unique ID. Typically, vendor implementations use a specific value for each type of measurement. For example, an RSRP measurement may always be identified by a measurement ID of one in a vendor’s implementation if it is being configured.

Measurement Object: The eNB clearly specifies what the UE should do the measurement on. Information includes carrier frequency and measurement bandwidth for each measurement ID.

Report Configuration: The eNB also defines the trigger event and associated trigger parameters for the event. For example, the eNB conveys for event A3 a choice of trigger quantity (RSRP or RSRQ), A3-offset value for the serving cell, hysteresis for target cell measurements, time to trigger for sending the report to eNB, the number of cells the report may include, time between reports if the eNB does not respond to a Measurement Report message, and the information to be included in the report itself (RSRP, RSRQ, or both)

S-Measure: Another key parameter the UE receives from the eNB is s-Measure. This parameter sets the threshold of serving cell measurement below which the UE will be required to do measurements to identify handover target cells. This parameter may help avoid UE measurements when it is really in an excellent coverage area of current serving cell.

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