Stage 3: Measurement Reporting

//Stage 3: Measurement Reporting

Stage 3: Measurement Reporting

Stage 3 - measurement reporting

Stage 3: Measurement Reporting

Let us look at the information sent by the UE in the Measurement Report message to the eNodeB. Key information sent in the report includes:

  • Measurement ID: UE conveys the measurement information that is being sent in this message. Please note that the eNodeB sends this value to UE as part of measurement configuration.
  • Measurement Results for Serving cell: UE report sends the filtered RSRP and/or RSRQ values to eNodeB in this message. The information element values may be converted to actual values using the following conversion:

― -140 + Information element value – 1<= RSRP < -140 + Information element value

― -19.5 + (Information element value – 1) * 0.5 <= RSRQ < -19.5 + Information element value * 0.5

Typically, implementations may peg a counter to track the unique number of A2 event-based reports received by a cell.

This peg counter may provide a view of the amount of traffic across the LTE/UMTS boundaries and may provide value in planning for LTE growth needs.

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