Stage 5E: Establish Default Bearer

//Stage 5E: Establish Default Bearer

Stage 5E: Establish Default Bearer

Stage 5E: Establish Default Bearer

Stage 5E: Establish Default Bearer

After the security mode and the UE capabilities negotiation phases are completed, the eNB sends the default EPS radio bearer-related dedicated radio resource information to the UE in the RRC Connection Reconfiguration message.

It also includes measurement related control parameters to allow the UE to start sending Measurement Report messages. Then, the UE acknowledges the RRC connection reconfiguration with the RRC Connection Reconfiguration Complete message.

The eNB, upon receiving the RRC Connection Reconfiguration Complete, responds back to the MME with the Initial Context Setup Response. This message contains the confirmation for the MME that the requested UE context was set up successfully.

The UE now sends the Attach Complete message embedded in the UL Information Transfer message to the eNB. With The Attach Complete carries the Activate Default EPS Bearer Context Accept ESM message in it.

The eNB forwards the Attach Complete message to the MME in an Uplink NAS Transport (S1-AP) message.

The reception of the Activate Default EPS Bearer Context Accept completes the activation of the Default EPS Bearer Context and it prepares to complete the last step of the Attach procedure. The slide, shows the steps at which typical vendor implementations will trigger counters.

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