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Why do we need training to establish a successful career in the Telecom Sector? 

The importance of training can be understood by the fact that Telecom Industry is listed under one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. It is not limited within a city or a state or a country or even a continent, infact it is a link that binds the whole world together. The Telecom sector comprises of companies that make communication possible throughout the globe. The biggest challenge ahead, for telecom sector, is providing higher and higher speed with improved services to the users. This factor accounts for never ending enhancements in the established network.

The scope of career growth in this sector is hiking up day by day, due to the deployment of 4G and 5G networks everywhere. This further calls for increasing manpower demand in telecom. Building a career in this field definitely requires a good amount of knowledge of the technology. So, for the individuals, interested or already working  in this field, we, at  Apeksha Telecom, provide the required training, to help them achieve the desired growth and knowledge. Those who want to change their domain and switch to telecom sector can also approach us.

With 12 years of experience in the telecom sector, we help you address your technological needs in a very efficient manner. We have highly experienced trainers having an experience of minimum 8 years in this field. So, even if you are switching the domain, it would  be easier for you to make your way and progress in this sector. The training courses offered at Apeksha Telecom Services Pvt Ltd will provide you with both, conceptual (basic as well as advanced level) and hands on  training.  This experience will further help you get placed in well  recognized telecom companies.

The different training programmes run by Apeksha Telecom are specified below:

Retail Program

In this course, we provide both theoretical and practical training in Apeksha Campus. It is  designed for ITI/  Diploma/ Engineering Graduates or Post Graduates and working people who want to change their  domain  with 100% Job Guarantee. This program includes courses such as the 3 month course with 100% guaranteed placement5G course4G-LTE course3G-UMTS course2G-GSM  course and  Huawei certification programs like HCIG course and HIT course.

 Institutional Program

It is a 380 hrs training program in total, which will consist of conceptual training regarding 5G4G-LTE3G-UMTS2G-GSM and other software tools like XCal, GenXProbe etc. Out of the 380  hrs, 40 hrs of training will be provided within the concerned institute by well experienced telecom trainers. Rest of the training will be provided at Apeksha Campus to the students. After the completion of the course, the  students are placed in well recognized telecom companies (which is 100% guaranteed).

 Corporate Program

It is a technology and product based training program for beginners and experienced people in telecom sector where we provide both online as well as classroom training. We take care of product based training for Nokia,Huawei, Samsung, ZTE and Ericsson. On the part of technology, we deal with 5G4G3G and 2G in detail.

 Internship Program

It is a conceptual plus practical training program for students. It is designed for students pursuing/ completed B.Tech/ Diploma/ ITI and Post Graduates as well. In this program, the applicants are taught to  relate the theoretical concepts with the practical aspects to gain real world experience. Students are also allowed to work on live industrial projects and develop skills which can be used thereafter (after getting placed in  telecom companies).

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