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LTE RF And RAN Optimization And Troubleshooting Part-2

////LTE RF And RAN Optimization And Troubleshooting Part-2
LTE RF And RAN Optimization And Troubleshooting Part-2 2018-05-01T14:33:51+00:00

LTE RF And RAN Optimization And Troubleshooting Part-2


LTE RF And RAN Optimization And Troubleshooting Part-2 provides insights into the symptoms and possible causes of field performance issues in LTE radio networks using UE logs. RF measurements related to coverage and interference are discussed to analyse coverage holes and overlapping regions. Students analyse LTE signaling messages through UE logs and map them to success and failure events.

It describes how statistic values can be aggregated from the existing network and evaluated, and how the network can be optimized during the first stages of deployment, using dedicated examples to enhance the understanding. This course explains how to identify and troubleshoot abnormal network behavior and common failure causes.

LTE RF optimization areas such as downlink and uplink throughput analysis are also addressed in detail in this course. This knowledge is transferred to the students through hands-on experience using UE based diagnostic tools and scanner tools. Further, this course helps the students to develop a good understanding of the downlink and the uplink data traffic performance through various parameters such as CQI (Channel Quality Indicator) feedback, PMI closed loop feedback, scheduling algorithms in the UL and DL etc.

Duration:40 hours

Fee: 30k

Course Overview

This course deals with:

Connection Drop Analysis

  • Synchronization
  • Maximum RLC Re-transmissions
  • Drop Scenarios
  • Troubleshooting

DL Data Traffic Performance

  •  DL Operations Overview
  •  Channel Quality Indicator
  •  CQI Reporting Options
  •  PMI – Closed-Loop Feedback
  •  RI – MIMO Operations
  •  Scheduler
  •  Downlink Transmission
  •  Transmission Modes
  •  Hybrid ARQ
  •  DRX and DL Power Control

UL Data Traffic Performance

  • Uplink Traffic Operations
  • Scheduling Requests and MCS Selection
  • UL Scheduling Algorithms
  • TX and RX Power of UE and eNB
  • HARQ/ARQ Operation Analysis
  • Inter-Cell Coordination for Interference Management

Idle Mode Performance

  • Idle Mode
  • Tracking Areas and Tracking Area Updates
  • Tracking Area Planning
  • Paging

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