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UMTS Radio Network Protocols And Signaling

////UMTS Radio Network Protocols And Signaling
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UMTS Radio Network Protocols And Signaling

UMTS Radio Network Protocols And Signaling: The Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS)  based on the GSM Standards, is a mobile cellular system of third generation that is maintained by 3GPP. UMTS, also referred as Wide band Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA), is one of the most significant advancements in the evolution of telecommunications.

The UMTS Radio Network Protocol and Signaling course starts with the introduction of UMTS i.e., architecture and UMTS QoS concepts. It gradually moves on to the concepts like WCDMA in UMTS, WCDMA Channels Network Perspective,Voice Call Setup, Power Control etc. By undergoing this course, students will be able to easily setup RRC connections and identify the security issues in Voice call Setup etc.

Duration: 40 hours

Fee: 20k

Course Overview

This course deals with the following :

  • UMTS Architecture
  • UMTS Quality of Service

  • Access and Non-Access Stratum
  • Core Networks

  • Comparison of Technologies
  • Spread Spectrum Techniques
  • Channelization and Scrambling Codes
  • Power Control

  • Air Interface Channel Structure
  • Modulation

  • Minimum Set of Channels
  • System Acquisition
  • Random Access

  • RRC Setup Procedure
  • E911 Redirect (Phase 1)

  • Paging
  • Authentication and Security
  • Transport Channel Combination
  • DPDCH/DPCCH Structure

  • Key RF Terms
  • Power Control

  • Mobility while Idle
  • Mobility while Connected
  • Soft and Softer Handover
  • SRNS Relocation

  • UMTS Attach
  • RLC Protocol
  • MAC Protocol
  • Data Call Setup
  • PDCP Protocol
  • GTP Protocol

  • Compressed Mode
  • Handovers: Inter-Frequency
  • Handovers: UMTS to GSM
  • Packet-Switched Inter-RAT Handovers

  • UL and DL Capacity for the Link Budget

  • HSDPA System Architecture
  • Key Concepts

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