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LTE Radio Network Planning And Design

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LTE Radio Network Planning And Design


LTE has made a lot of improvements in the network architecture and the services offered to the users in comparison to the previous mobile wireless communication systems in terms of  data speed, quality and capacity, by the use of techniques such as OFDMA and Multiple Antenna. LTE Radio Network Planning And Design course guides the students through the theory and practical training of RF (Radio Frequency) and design for LTE Radio Access Networks (RAN). Students can grab sufficient knowledge on LTE Air Interface, and further apply this theoretical knowledge with related concepts for calculation of the Link Budgets. By pursuing this course, students get complete knowledge of how to go through a consistent process for radio network planning and design.

Duration: 40 hours

Fee: 30k

Course Overview

This course deals with the following contents:

  • Radio Network planning and Design

  • Introduction to LTE
  • LTE Frame Structure
  • LTE Channels
  • Measurements of Reference Signals

  • Coverage, Capacity and QoS Requirements
  • Engineering Requirements

  • Link Budget Basis
  • UL Link Budget
  • DL Link Budget
  • Coverage Improvement – TMA

  • RF Design: An Overview
  • RF Design: Detailed Steps
  • Design Evaluation

  • Multiple-Antenna Techniques in LTE
  • A Closer Look at DL Transmission
  • Antenna Selection Considerations

  • Planning Overview
  • Backhaul Considerations
  • VoIP Capacity
  • Capacity Evolution

  • Frequency Reuse
  • Neighbor List Planning
  • Physical Layer Cell Identity Planning
  • UL Reference Signal and Physical Cell ID
  • Random Access Preamble Planning

  • Cell Selection and Reselection
  • Handover
  • Power Control

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