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4G LTE Technology Overview

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4G LTE Technology Overview


LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and is all about the drastic improvements in the 3G wireless networks. The main goal of LTE is to provide speedy wireless mobile services which will eventually replace the existing 2G and 3G networks and services completely. LTE is a radio technology based on OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing) and MIMO (Mulitple Input Multiple Output) technologies. The 4G LTE technology overview course provides a fundamental understanding of the LTE-Advanced features too. It covers various topics beginning from the evolution of 4G LTE from 3G networks to the enhancements in the interfaces, radio access network, air interface protocols, their diverse operations etc. The course also covers the downlink and uplink frame structure, OFDM operations at the physical layer, and resource management and scheduling considerations at the MAC layer. This course provides a comprehensive overview of LTE technology in a simplified manner.

Duration: 32 hours

Fee: 10k

Course Overview

In this Training, the following topics are going to be covered:

  • Wireless Evolution Drivers
  • 4G Networks
  • 4G Roadmap

  • Network Architecture
  • LTE Protocols and Interfaces
  • LTE Devices
  • LTE Network Components
  • Additional Material

  • OFDM Concepts
  • Multiple-Antenna Techniques
  • LTE Design Parameters
  • LTE FDD Frame Structure
  • LTE Channels
  • Additional Material
  • Multipath and Delay Spread in OFDM
  • A Closer look at Antenna Techniques
  • OFDMA Transmitter and Receiver

  • Life of a UE in LTE
  • Network Acquisition
  • RRC Connection Establishment
  • Attach to the Network
  • Security
  • EPS Bearers
  • Default EPS Bearer Setup

  • Policy and Charging Control Architecture
  • EPS QoS
  • Dedicated Bearer Setup
  • DL Traffic Operations
  • UL Traffic Operations

  • Idle Mode Operations
  • Cell Reselection
  • Tracking Area Update
  • Handovers
  • X2-based Mobility
  • S1-based Mobility

  • Voice in LTE
  • CSFB with Existing 2G/3G Networks

  • Interworking
  • Interworking with 3GPP
  • Interworking with Non-3GPP
  • Deployment
  • Capacity Planning

4G LTE technology Overview training Apeksha Telecom4G LTE technology Overview training Apeksha Telecom

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