IOT Telecom Training at Apeksha Telecom
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IoT Training

(Internet of Things)

Earlier, the main focus was to connect people to information that could be stored and shared from a central location. Also, with the creation of internet, we moved further to connecting people to people and not just people to information. With technological growth and advancement, we extended our capabilities to connect devices to devices (M2M) in order to collect useful data in all possible ways. Now, we are heading towards an era where we will have the ability to connect anything to almost anything or anyone without any human intervention. This movement is termed as ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT).

  • IoT Overview
  • Considerations for IoT devices
  • IoT and the Cloud
  • IoT Standard
  • IoT & Business
  • Working Together: APIs

Duration: 8 hours

Fee: 15k

Transformations IoT is bringing along :

IoT Telecom Training at Apeksha Telecom
IoT Telecom Training at Apeksha Telecom

People connecting to people

People doing Field work

Predominantly wireline

Multiple Protocols

Human monitoring and intervention

Devices connecting with devices & people

Devices assisting with Field work

Wireline or wireless

IP based

Remote monitoring with no human intervention

With the upcoming era of IoT, the industry experts envision a world with around 50 billion connected devices by 2020, where everything that benefits from a connection will be connected.Cloud computing,virtualized networks and data centers are predicted to be the main components for the success of IoT. IoT, works together with the interconnection of sensors and machines. The information collected by the sensors doesn’t worth much until it is analyzed in real time, for which cloud-based applications are used. They are used to interpret the data coming from various sensors after analyzing it; for decision making.

So, whether we are aiming for improving production of a factory, giving residential updates about where to park or monitoring personal, the common platform will be IoT (Internet of Things), bringing this diverse information together and providing common language for these devices and apps to communicate with each other. For interesting examples related to IoT (applicable in the real world), visit our IoT tutorial page.

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