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GSM Training


GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications and is the network standard for much of the world. The success of GSM technologies in turn, has given rise to optimistic scenarios for the evolution of 3G and 4G technologies such as UMTS and LTE. GSM training course is an in-depth look at the 3GPP family of standards, from GSM to HSPA+.

We begin our journey by gaining an understanding about the underlying GSM technology, which was designed for easy roaming. We then cover the most important enhancements in 2G-GSM, specifically GPRS and EDGE, which facilitate efficient access to packet data networks. 3G UMTS brings not only higher data rates but also better QoS, better security, multimedia and the possibility of fallback to 2G.

The efficiency of GSM systems is further increased with the advancements in 3GPP technologies, and we will take a detailed look at how this is achieved in current deployments.

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Course Overview

Basically, this course deals with GSM BASIC PRINCIPLES and further enhancements in the GSM technology.

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